Barrisol stretch ceilings are elegant and modern building technology, providing excellent, reliable and satisfactory solution for your ceiling. The unconditional 50 years of experience contributing to technological improvement, overall presentation and use of Barrisol products, leading to a level to be generally recognized as the world leader in the manufacturing and installation of stretch ceilings. The company of Scherer's family has been registered so far 80 patents in France in their name. 


All the awards obtained from the participation in construction and architectural exhibitions during these years are an excellent testimonial to the quality of the entire range of Barrisol products. Multiple color options and the variety of fourteen finishes with unique pattern width: 2.14 m (lacquer1/lacquer2 and satin1/satin2), 2.14 m and 2.50 m (matt and translucent) and 1.65 m (brushed suede1/suede2 and metallic) are the base on which could be realized even the most courageous and creative idea in the modern interior design.

Very often to achieve the desired result made by the mass suspended ceilings requires more resources, skills and longer time as with the Barrisol stretch ceiling can be achieved with ease. Quick and easy installation, ability to adapt it to any decor and seamless incorporation of all extra equipment and accessories required in modern buildings (lighting, fire detectors, sprinkler heads, gratings and revision doors, video and security systems etc.), make the Barrisol ceiling like no other. Attractive installation and excellent results are characteristic of Barrisol stretch ceilings. The aluminium profiles which are patented by Barrisol have diversity and technological uniqueness, repeatedly increased flexiblility opportunities for the implementation of the unique projects (video). The harpoon suspension system allows repeated removal of the Barrisol ceiling wheneven it is needed. All the remainings above the roof surface and the space are often in need of service. Accidents, leaks or repair of the electrical installations mounted above the ceiling are no problem for Barrisol. This is a huge advantage for the client since it is not necessary to manufacture and install a new sheet, which would be the case for PVC profiles and nonharpoon system.

Reliability and security! We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the following :

- Our sheets are 100% compliant with the CE mark.

- All our ceilings are produced with phtalate-free plasticisers.

- All our ceilings are guaranteed cadmium, mercury and arsenic free.

- All of our sheets are fire rated B (d0-BS1, BS2-d0, BS3-d0) complying with European standards.

- Our ceilings are no toxic, are labeled A + (on the level of emission volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the quality of indoor air).

- All our ceilings are made in France, according to European standards, and no child labor is involved in their production.

- We have the best acoustics for stretch ceiling. (αw  up to 0.65 without absorbent. Acoustic NF S31-003.)

The high quality of the Barrisol products is emblematic. More than 110 countries on five continents are working with the Barrisol products manufactured and completed in France. We are pleased to collaborate and have very good positions in this well built and operating structure. The Global network of over 1200 certified companies for distribution and installation, can easily reach you - our customers. If you do not find answers to your questions in you can contact us on our phone numbers or at our office absolutely free and accurate advice and information can be obtained from our specialists. The team and the experience that we have are on a high professional level, ensuring quick and quality installation, reinforcing the good name of Barrisol stretch ceilings.



Latest projects in Bulgaria

3D lighted structure mounted on a wall and made by translucent Barrisol foils and RGB LED lighting.

Really smart and interesting idea for the recreation of views from sunny Greece where the windows are filled with printed Barrisol sheets.

Right on time for the sunny summer season we have finished the installation of Barrisol stretched ceilings. The white lacquer and translucent sheets have complemented the clean summer design.

Latest FANTASTIKO supermarket where we have mounted different Barrisol sheets - lacquer, translucent and printed.

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